Performance Site Forms

Performance Site Forms

Rowan University Performance Site forms and instructions

Cooper Medical School at Rowan University (CMSRU) and Cooper Health System

Rowan University Glassboro/CMSRU IRB is the IRB of record for non-medical human subjects research for CMSRU faculty and staff, if the subjects are faculty, employees or students of CMSRU, or if the work will involve the facilities of CMSRU. Rowan University Glassboro/CMSRU IRB and the Cooper University Health system IRB works together to ensure that studies are properly reviewed by the appropriate IRB. See the link below to review the Cooper University Health System, Rowan University, and Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Cooper Health System, Rowan University, and Cooper Medical School of Rowan University Policy (PDF)

Investigators, regardless of appointment or where the investigator works, can use the Cooper University Health System Investigator Initiated Protocol Template when submitting a Cooper University Health System IRB submission. Click the following link to review the Cooper IRB Template - Cooper Health System Protocol Template (Word).

Use the following guide when submitting a human subjects research project to the Cooper University Hospital IRB - Step-by-Step Guide (Word)

Cooper Medical School - Office of Medical Education (OME)

When submitting an eIRB application where educational data and records will be used, please contact Office of Medical Education Administration to discuss the project and data that is available to use in research. The contact for the Office is Dr. Susan Perlis.

Use this form to review data that the Office of Medical Education can provide in relation to an eIRB application. The data to be obtained should also be listed as a separate document in section 7 of the eIRB application

Available Data from OME (PDF) - Click here to view data.

Jefferson Hospitals (formerly Kennedy Memorial Hospitals)

For studies conducted at Kennedy Memorial Hospitals, attach the required Internal Proposal Authorization Form (IPAF) for Grants and Contracts along with the signature of the Vice President Graduate Medical Education at Kennedy Health Systems. To complete the IPAF form to be uploaded into your eIRB application, click here IPAF form (PDF).