Residency Programs and Performance Sites

Residency Programs and Performance Sites

Residency Programs and Performance Sites

Residency Programs

Rowan University partners with external health systems and hospitals to provide medical students with post graduate training; hands-on experience of practicing medicine. RowanSOM residency program partners include Jefferson Health New Jersey and Virtua, Lady of Lourdes Medical Center. Students in a RowanSOM residency program should follow the performance site guidance below.


Performance Sites

All Rowan University/CMSRU/RowanSOM faculty should contact the Rowan IRB when conducting research at the performance sites below. Studies that may be reviewed under an Expedited review category or requires review by the full board of the IRB may require formal reliance agreements between the performance site IRB and the Rowan IRB.

Rowan University/CMSRU/RowanSOM faculty, staff, residents and students should follow guidance below related to performance sites. Rowan researchers should contact the Rowan IRB for consultation and questions regarding conducting human subjects research at the performance sites and Rowan University's engagement.

List of Performance Sites and Non-Rowan Health Entities

  • Virtua Health
  • Cooper University Hospital
  • CMSRU, Office of Medical Education
  • Jefferson Health
  • Inspira Health


Virtua Health / Virtua Health College of Medicine and Life Sciences Human Subjects Research Projects

Faculty and staff of Rowan University that propose human subjects research projects involving Virtua Health locations/sites, employees or patients must submit an Engagement Assessment form for review by the Rowan IRB and Virtua IRB. This engagement form will allow the Rowan and Virtua IRB’s to determine which IRB should be the IRB of record and review the human subjects research project. Please download, complete and submit the Engagement Assessment form below to the Rowan and Virtua IRB general emails.

Engagement Assessment Form should be completed when:

  • Virtua Health clinics and sites will be used in the conduct of research
  • Virtua Health patients will be recruited and enrolled in a research project
  • Virtua Health patients will be involved in an intervention or manipulation of their environment
  • Virtua Health patient medical records and HIPAA/PHI will be used or accessed in the conduct of research
  • Virtua Health employees are identified as researchers
  • Any Virtua Health or Rowan University faculty or staff have a dual appointment with Virtua and Rowan

Engagement Assessment Form

Rowan University faculty and staff and Virtua Health employees will still be required to submit the project to the relying IRB for local context review. Local context review may require additional changes to approved IRB submissions to ensure the research can continue at the relying site. Additional changes required by the relying IRB via the local context review must be enacted and Principal Investigators should submit revisions to the IRB approved by the IRB of record.

Virtua Health, being a covered entity, according to HIPAA regulations, may require additional training prior to release, access and/or use of HIPAA/PHI data for research purposes. Researchers will have to follow Virtua Health policies and procedures related to the release, access and/or use of HIPAA/PHI data for research purposes.


Cooper University Hospital (CUH)

Rowan University and CUH have an IRB reliance agreement governing human subjects collaborative research projects. This agreement reduces administrative burden for Rowan University faculty and staff, as well as ensuring CMSRU students can participate and be engaged in human subjects research projects, whose PI's are employees of CUH.

Rowan University faculty and staff engaged in collaborative human subjects research projects with CUH employees or at CUH facilities should contact the Rowan University IRB to obtain guidance on which IRB should be the IRB of record and what type of Rowan Cayuse IRB submission is required. Rowan IRB and CUH IRB will need to receive some information about the project to better help and assign which IRB should be the IRB of record and review the collaborative human subjects research project.

Any Rowan University faculty and/or staff conducting research in collaboration with CUH employees or at their facilities should complete and submit a Cooper Rowan Engagement Assessment form for review by the Rowan IRB office. This assessment form is necessary to help and guide faculty and staff research to identify the IRB they should submit to for a review of their research project. Email completed form to Rowan IRB

Cooper Rowan Engagement Assessment Form

CMSRU students that participate in human subjects research conducted at CUH facilities or when the Principal Investigator is a CUH employee, that does not have a dual appointment at CMSRU, or involves use of CUH data may participate in research as a researcher. Such projects, including all participating in research, must be submitted to the CUH IRB. All policies and procedures of CUH and the CUH HRPP/IRB must be followed by all engaged in the above scenario. CMSRU students may not be PI at CUH.

CMSRU students conducting human subjects research where there is no involvement of CUH employees, CUH locations or use of CUH data must find a Rowan/CMSRU faculty to be the Principal Investigator project submitted to the Rowan IRB. 

CUH employees, who hold a dual appointment at CMSRU, may participate in research conducted at either CUH or Rowan/CMSRU. Consideration of research participation and engagement is important and critical to identify the appropriate IRB to review and approve human subjects research when conducting human subjects research projects. CUH employees, with dual appointments, should submit a Cooper Rowan Engagement form to either the CUH HRPP/IRB or Rowan IRB. IRB administrative staff at both entities will process the form and obtain administrative approval from both entities.

Click here to contact Cooper University Hospital IRB


Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU) - Office of Medical Education (OME)

When submitting a Cayuse IRB application where educational data and records will be used, please contact Office of Medical Education Administration to discuss the project and data that is available. The contact for the Office is Dr. Susan Perlis.

Use the form below to review data that the Office of Medical Education can provide in relation to a Rowan Cayuse IRB submission. The data to be obtained should also be listed as a separate document and attached in the Rowan Cayuse IRB submission as a data collection sheet.

Available Data from OME - Click here to view data.


Jefferson Health New Jersey/Thomas Jefferson University (TJU)

To review detailed guidance and directions related to submitting a Rowan Cayuse IRB submission when the research will include TJU, click on this link: Rowan IRB and Jefferson Health IRB Guidance

Rowan IRB and Jefferson IRB Determination Form