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Multiple-Use, Transparent, 3D-Printed Face Mask

Orthopedic Research Group has designed and produced a unique face mask to help people during this Corona Crisis. 
It is a simple face mask produced by 3D printing which is easy to produce and assemble. The frame is flexible and fits the face almost perfectly. This mask has a filter of cotton tissue that can be changed after each use. It has a transparent shield that can show the lip motions for lip-reading (Necessary for deaf people) and also the facial expression of the user. It can be washed and sterilized several times.
 Multiple Use,Transparent, 3D-Printed Face Mask
Multiple Use,Transparent, 3D-Printed Face Mask
Winning the Clinical Orthopedics Society 2019 Fellowship Presentation Award
Orthopedic Research Group is proud to receive the “Clinical Orthopedics Society 2019 Fellowship Presentation Award” for introducing an innovative surgical technique for “Total Knee Replacement”. This new technique is founded on a huge multicenter study on knee anatomy. By this study, we could find some landmarks that have mathematically fixed relationship with distal femoral epicondyles. We used these landmarks to establish our new surgical technique which is based on the distal femoral epicondylar axis. The “SAFE TKA” can reduce post-TKA femoral component malrotation, fat embolism and the rate of revision surgery.
COS 2019 Award COS 2019 Award

Algorithmic Patient Management Competition (APMC)

The Algorithmic Patient Management Competition (APMC) is a biannual, online medical competition founded and held by the Orthopedic Research Group at Rowan University. The first APMC (Spring 2019) was held on June 9, 2019, only for Rowan SOM students and the top ranks are:

First rank: Kelvin Soewono, Rowan University

Kelvin Soewono


Second rank: Young Daniel Cho, Rowan University

Young Daniel Cho


Third rank: Mohammed Ali, Rowan University

Mohammed Ali

The second APMC, Fall edition, 2019, will be NATIONWIDE and on November 24. The registration is open now.



The Orthopedic Research Group is a spinout at Rowan University, making a close connection between orthopedics, medical science, and engineering. The goal of our center is to facilitate the collaboration between medical and engineering minds to achieve the best advancement in clinical science, influencing primarily the patient care.
The focus of our research group is on the engineering aspects of orthopedics. Applied areas of interest are:
  •  Ortho-Metamaterials
  •  Ortho-Anthropometry
  •  Ortho-Imaging
  •  Ortho-Devices
  •  Ortho-Biomechanics
  •  Ortho-Biology
Our concentration in the lab is to use computational science to simulate several different conditions to find the best one for the experiment. We have an expert code developer collaborator that can develop specific codes for the phenomena needed.
The Orthopedic Research Group offers research opportunities for researchers and students interest in theoretical, computational, experimental work, or a combination of these.


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