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Orthopedic Research Group

Welcome to the Orthopedic Research Group

The Orthopedic research Group is a spinout at Rowan University, making close connection between orthopedics, as a medical science, and engineering. The goal of our center is to facilitate the collaboration between medical and engineering minds to achieve the best advancement in clinical science, influencing primarily the patient care.

The focus of our research group is on engineering aspects of orthopedics. Applied areas of interest are:

  •  Ortho-Metamaterials
  •  Ortho-Anthropometry
  •  Orth-Imaging
  •  Ortho-Devices
  •  Ortho-Biomechanics
  •  Ortho-Biology

Our concentration in the lab is to use computational science to simulate several different conditions to find the best one for experiment. We have an expert code developer collaborator that can develop specific codes for the phenomena needed.

The Orthopedic Research Group offers research opportunities for researchers and students interest in theoretical, computational, experimental work, or a combination of these.


SJTP Room 227
107 Gilbreth PKWY
Mullica Hill, NJ, 08062