• Dr. Pruchno, Ph.D.


Study Updates

ORANJ BOWL data collection comes to an end.

Thank you for being part of this unique research panel. Since 2006, your willingness to share your personal experiences has enabled us to learn a great deal about the aging process and to understand how events such as Hurricane Sandy and the COVID-19 pandemic affect older people.

We will no longer reach out to schedule interviews, but by no means is our work done. We are analyzing the abundant information we have collected and will continue to write articles that will find their way to professional journals. ORANJ BOWL panel will continue to help pave the way for future generations of people to age successfully.

Stay updated by continuing to check this website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding ORANJ BOWL, please contact us at 1-877-652-4464 or  Dr. Rachel Pruchno, Principal Investigator, can be contacted at

Thank you for believing in us and for participating in ORANJ BOWL.  

ORANJ BOWL Wave 7: COVID-19 Exposure, Social Distancing, and Outcomes Study

Data collection is ongoing.  

More than 2,400 participants have responded.  If you have not completed the questionnaire, please contact us at 1-877-652-4464 or  We continue reaching out to ORANJ BOWL participants to better understand how you have been managing:

  • your exposure to the COVID-19 virus,
  • your experience with social distancing, and
  • how you are maintaining your health.   

Click here to view preliminary results of Oranj Bowl Wave 7.  Please contact us with any questions and/or concerns.

Thank you, and we hope that each of you and your families remain safe and healthy.


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