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ORANJ BOWL℠ (Ongoing Research on Aging in New Jersey: Bettering Opportunities for Wellness in Life)

What is ORANJ BOWL℠?

The goal of the ORANJ BOWL℠ panel is to enable scientists to understand how characteristics of people and of the environment promote successful aging. The ORANJ BOWL℠ panel includes a representative sample of 5,688 adults aged 50-74 living in New Jersey.


Recruitment & Eligibility

Participants were recruited between November 2006 and April 2008 using telephone cold calling.  Eligibility included:

  • Age 50 – 74
  • Living in New Jersey
  • Able to participate in a one-hour English language interview



The ORANJ BOWL℠ sample included:

  • 2,067 men and 3,621 women
  • Mean age of 60.7 years
  • Education ranged from those who had not completed high school (5.4%) to those with a doctoral degree (4.2%).  Modal education was a high school diploma (28.3%), with 19.5% completing a four-year college degree
  • 83.8% White; 11.8% African American
  • 56.7% were married; 17.3% were divorced, 14.2% were widowed, 2.6% were separated, and 9.2% had never been married.
  • Mean household income was between $30,000 and $80,000 (29.8%), with 19.1% reporting income less than $30,000 and 41.1% reporting more than $80,000.