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Cells must communicate with each other to coordinate the development and survival of an animal. This communication can be mediated by diffusible factors that pass between cells, or by direct contact through cell junctions. We are interested in how intercellular communication affects cell growth and differentiation, with an emphasis on how cell communication can control tumor cell growth, invasion, metastasis, and inflammation.

Publications (since 2019):

  1. Hamilton, K.L., Kuo, Y.-C., Horneffer, Stein, T.P., and Goldberg, G.S. (2023) Video didactic preparation augments problem based learning for first year medical students. Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development. 10, 1-4. PMID: 37275656.
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Invited Presentations (since 2019):

  1. “Podoplanin (PDPN) enables transformed cells to migrate and escape growth control mediated by cadherin junctions with adjacent nontransformed cells” (12/05/22) Cell Bio 2022 - International ASCB/EMBO Meeting, Washington, DC.
  2. “Maackia amurensis seed lectin (MASL) increases movement velocity of mice with TNFα induced rheumatoid arthritis” (12/07/22) 2022 International PDPN meeting, Alexandria, VA. (presented by medical student Amanda Greenspan)
  3. “Podoplanin expression and ex vivo lectin effects on OSCC cells from clinical trial subjects” (12/07/22) 2022 International PDPN meeting, Alexandria, VA. (presented by medical student Eamonn Brace)
  4. “Podoplanin (PDPN) enables transformed cells to migrate and escape growth control mediated by cadherin junctions with adjacent nontransformed cells” (12/07/22) 2022 International PDPN meeting, Alexandria, VA.
  5. “Fibroblast cadherins control Src kinase induced cell motility and transformed cell morphology” (11/05/20) Rowan University Virtual Fall Research Retreat. (presented by graduate student Stephanie Sheehan)
  6. “Cancer chemotherapy on the road to ruin and redemption” (12/12/19) Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan.
  7. “PDPN is a culprit and a target for cell communication disorders leading to cancer and other diseases” (12/13/19) Symposium on cell communication disorders leading to cancer and other diseases. Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan
  8. “Aberrant Src kinase and downstream receptor activity simultaneously cause systemic destruction and offer potential for novel medical interventions” (06/18/19) Sao Paulo University, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  9. “Fibroblast cadherins affect podoplanin expression, Src kinase induced cell motility, and transformed cell morphology” (08/13/19) 2nd International PDPN meeting, Westin Maui HI. (presented by graduate student Stephanie Sheehan)
  10. “Novel treatment modalities inhibit Src and PDPN activity in oral cancer” (08/13/19) 2nd International PDPN meeting, Westin Maui HI. (presented by graduate student Edward Retzbach)
  11. “Combination therapy targeting podoplanin to treat oral squamous cell carcinoma” (08/13/19) 2nd International PDPN meeting, Westin Maui HI. (presented by medical student Clinton Timmerman)

Contribute to Cancer Research:

The Foundation of Rowan University has established a fund where 100% of donated money will go directly to this research program with no administrative or other deductions. To support the "Goldberg Cancer Research Program" with your tax-deductible charitable contribution, contact Gary Goldberg at 856-566-6718 or at


Dr. Goldberg is a Professor at Rowan University. He has worked at major institutes around the world to elucidate fundamental mechanisms that control cell behavior and develop approaches to understand and combat cancer. His research has been published in over 70 articles that have been referenced thousands of times, a textbook, and several book chapters. He has invented technology described in several issued patents, has presented at numerous national and international meetings, and run several workshops around the world. He has also founded the pharmaceutical company Sentrimed, the international group PDPN Central to support academic and translational research, and the PBLMed platform to guide medical education. Dr. Goldberg is investigating how growth factor receptors promote tumor cell growth and motility, and developing ways to target these receptors to prevent and combat cancer. His work has led to the generation of compounds supported by the NIH and other agencies with IRB and FDA IND approval for clinical trials aimed to prevent and treat cancer. Dr. Goldberg is working with colleagues at research centers in the USA and other countries to develop these compounds into pharmaceutical reagents that can be used to treat cancer, as well as inflammatory diseases including arthritis.

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