2022 – 2025         Principal Investigator: DOD Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Health, Investigator-Initiated Research                               Award
“Psychostimulant effects on cognitive flexibility and risk-based decision making behavior following repetitive mild traumatic brain injury”

2020 – 2023         Principal Investigator: NJ Commission on Brain Injury Research
“Negative Impact of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries on Risk-Based Decision Making and Potential Therapeutic Strategies”

2020 – 2022         Principal Investigator: Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Endowment for Primary Care Research
“Evaluation of a novel therapeutic for treating effects of mild traumatic brain injury on risk-based decision making”

2019 – 2023         Co-Investigator: NJ Commission on Brain Injury Research, CBIR19IRG025
“Effects of Repetitive Mild TBI on Flexible Attention and the Norepinephrine Transmitter System”


2017 – 2019         Key Personnel: NJ Commission on Brain Injury Research, CBIR17PIL007
“Impact of Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Attention and Catecholamine Efflux in Prefrontal Cortex”

2014 – 2016         Principal Investigator: NRSA F31 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship – National Institute of Drug Abuse
“Methylphenidate enhancement of early stage sensory processing”

2014                     Principal Investigator: PhRMA Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship – Pharmacology/Toxicology
 “Methylphenidate enhancement of early stage sensory processing”