Quick Reference Guides and Training

Quick Reference Guides and Training

Quick Reference Guides and Training

Quick Reference Guides

These guides can be used to navigate the Banner Self Service module and provides instructions how to certify and review effort reports.

Pre-Reviewer Quick Reference Guide

Certifier Quick Reference Guide

Post-Reviewer (PI) Quick Reference Guide


Training Videos

Click on the link below to review effort certification training videos. These videos provide pre-reviewers, certifiers, and post-reviewers (Principal Investigator) steps how to navigate in the effort certification module and perform the required tasks of each role.

Effort Certification Training Videos


Virtual - Instructor-Led Training

Effort Certification administration can provide virtual, instructor led training for any school, department, or institute that would like a more personal and fluid training experience. This training allows individuals to ask questions about effort certification, the process, and what it means to their sponsored projects. This training can also offer the ability for end-users to perform mock reviews and certifications of effort reports. Virtual, Instructor-led training usually requires 3 or more participants.


Please contact Effort Certification Administration if you have any questions or would like to discuss virtual, insructor-led training.