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Meet Dr. Kumari

Dr. Kumari's academic training and research experiences are broad in the biological sciences and encompass various aspects of reproductive biology and developmental toxicology, epigenetics to characterize novel X-chromosome-linked long non-coding RNA, and Hedgehog signaling regulation of taste organs.

Dr. Kumari was awarded an AChemS “Polak Young Investigator Award” and a “Polak Postdoctoral Travel Award” and received a small grant from the University of Michigan Center of Organogenesis in support of her postdoctoral research. Dr. Kumari also received a career-building grant from the NIH NIDCD Early Career Research Award (R21), which helped her join Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine (SOM), Stratford location, as an Assistant Professor in January 2020. Dr. Kumari is interested in continuing her research in the tongue and taste field.

Dr. Kumari is involved in the PBL curriculum at Rowan SOM. She facilitates PBL1 blocks during the fall semester. She is also a block director during the spring semeter.

When she's not doing science or teaching, Dr. Kumari enjoys spending time with her two kids.