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Graduate Opportunities in Safe Transportation and Resilient Systems
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The Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Rowan University is extremely excited about this USDOE GAANN (Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need) program. Our GAANN program focuses on the nation's infrastructure needs.

The overall goal of this program is to attract a diverse pool of thirteen graduate fellows in the area of civil engineering and offer them contemporary, advanced specializations in three critical areas of transportation engineering: Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Reduction in Traffic Congestion, and Passenger Safety.

The graduate fellows MUST be US Citizens and Permanent Residents.

The proposed GOSTARS program directly addresses:

a) one of the absolute priority areas of providing doctoral opportunities in the areas of national need of Civil Engineering, and

b) one of the four broad areas of national need “to expand the prepared workforce to ensure timely, planning, delivery, and inspection of infrastructure projects” and “increase the number of professional engineers able to facilitate a wide range of infrastructure projects.”


Dr. Yusuf Mehta, PE is leading our GOSTARS program.

Dr. Yusuf Mehta serves as the graduate program coordinator for CEE. He is also the director for CREATEs

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