DIY Watershed

DIY Watershed

About Watersheds

Watersheds are used to drain rainfall into a specific body of water. However, sometimes the watershed does not drain all of the water. Watersheds are usually composed of surface water and groundwater, and run at a downward slope. In this activity, students will have a hands-on opportunity to experiment with a model watershed. Students will be able to see the difference in outflow versus inflow.
This activity can be applied in middle school and high school classrooms, in the same manner. It is recommended for students to experiment with different materials and slopes. Students in high school classrooms should also create charts in order to make a conclusion about the difference in outflow and inflow.
 Grades Lesson Plans  NJ Standard

DIY WaterShed Video

 6-8 Watersheds 6-8

 MS-ETS 1-3

 MS-ETS 1-4

9-12  Watersheds 9-12 N/A 


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