DIY Water Filters

DIY Water Filters

About Water Filters

Water filters use different size particles to filter out toxic particles that make the water unsafe to drink. Before students start the experiment, the teacher can create their own polluted water by mixing into water “pollutants” such as soil, baking soda, vinegar, etc. In the experiment, students will test different types of filters, one at a time, in order to determine which filter gets rid of the most toxic particles. 
This experiment can be adapted for middle school students. Instead of testing each filter separately the students can place each filter on top of one another in a 2L bottle, with the larger filter particles on the top and the smaller particles on the bottom. This will provide the students with a representation of water that goes through all the filters at once

DIY Water Filters - More resources on YouTube Water Filtration Project: Make Your Own Water Filters


Grades Lesson Plans NJ Standard 

Water Filter Video

6-8 Water Filter 6-8

 MS-LS 2-5

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9-12 Water Filter 9-12  HS-ETS 1-2