Water Wheels

Water Wheels

About Water Wheels

Water wheels can generate power, much like the way that wind turbines operate. A water wheel uses the speed at which the wheel turns and its kinetic energy to create power. In this experiment students have the opportunity to create their own model water wheel. Students will use the kinetic equations in order to solve for the power output created by the water wheel. This part of the experiment is primarily used for high school students.
This experiment can, however, be modified for middle school classrooms. Middle school students will still be able to complete the experiment, but instead of completing the calculations, it is suggested that students time how long it takes for the wheel to complete a certain number of rotations.
Grades Lesson Plans NJ Standard 

Water Wheels Video

6-8 Water Wheels 6-8

MS-PS 3-1

MS-ETS 1-3 

9-12 Water Wheels 9-12  N/A


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