Testing Water Quality

Testing Water Quality

About Water Quality

The quality of water is tested to ensure that the water utilized is safe for its intended use. In this experiment students have the ability to test the quality of water from different sources (eg. tap water, DI water, or water from a nearby pond/lake). There are various parameters that are tested in this experiment: pH levels, alkalinity, hardness, free chlorine, and total chlorine.
This experiment can be conducted in high school and middle school classrooms. In both cases, the main objective is to determine whether the water is within the regulated range, and if the water is usable. In order to achieve this, students can compare their experimental data with the regulatory standards for drinking water and/or groundwater. High school students can also create a chart that displays the quality of the water from each source.
Grades Lesson Plans NJ Standard

Water Quality Video


6-8 Water Quality 6-8 MS-ETS 1-1
9-12 Water Quality 9-12 N/A 


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