Policies & Guidance

Policies & Guidance

Export Control Polices and Guidance

Research and inquiry into intellectual areas of great promise is one of the most basic obligations the Institution has to its faculty, to its students, and to society at large. Rapid advances in the fields of science and engineering have resulted in a closer association between the university and industry. This close association in rapidly advancing technical fields often involves export controlled information, materials and technology. The institution is fully committed to complying with applicable export control laws. To ensure compliance with these laws, Institution’s projects and programs will be managed in accordance with applicable Federal laws.

The Exports Controls Policy can be found on Rowan University's confluence site: Exports Controls Policy

Openness in Research policy on Rowan University's confluence site: Openness in Research Policy

Export Control Guidelines for Visiting Professors/Researchers can be found: Policy and Guidelines for Visiting Professors & Research Scholars

Interim Export Control Officer: Eric Gregory, gregorye@rowan.edu 856-256-4058