Forms and Templates

Forms and Templates

Forms and Templates


The Office of Sponsored Programs is pleased to provide the following internal and sponsor research forms and templates.

Pre-Award Forms
Post-Award Forms
Sponsor Templates and Forms

Pre-Award Forms

Institutional Data Sheet

Provides university information including fringe and F&A Rates

Typical budgeted expenses 
Typically unallowable expenses 

Rowan Grant Budget Template Updated April 2019
Project Description form For use with University Advancement when performing funder searchers
Intent to collaborate form  
MOU Agreement Sample
Service Agreement Sample
Engineering Clinic Agreement Contact OSP
Fixed Price Research Agreement Sample
Cost Reimbursable Research Agreement Sample
Subrecipient Questionnaire To be completed by potential Subrecipients/Subawardees
Sub vs. Consultant vs. Vendor Explains differences between vendors, consultants, and subawardees/subcontractors

Post-Award Forms

Departmental Charge Authorization  (DCA) Used to transfer funds between university accounts
Miscellaneous Disbursement Voucher (MDV) Used to reimburse university staff
Budget Transfer Request Used to reallocate funds in budget categories 
Change in Source of Funds (SOM) 
Grant Compensation Form (Salary Voucher) - Used to pay faculty/staff from grants
Request for Travel Completed prior to travel
Travel Expense Voucher Completed for reimbursement after travel
Entertainment/Official Reception Request  
Grant Budget Detail For Banner budget setup
Purchase of Used Equipment Use when purchasing used equipment for research purposes.
Fly America Act Waiver/Exemption form Used when flying internationally on a non U.S.-based carrier using federal funds. Procedure is here.

Sponsor Templates and Forms

NIH Biosketch Template  
NIH Multiple PI Leadership Plan Example
NIH Rigor and Reproducibility NIH Resource Chart 
NSF Current/Pending Support Can be uploaded into FastLane
NSF Facilities, Equipment, & Other Resources Can be uploaded into FastLane
NSF Data Management Plan Resource website
NSF Post-Doc Mentoring Plan Sample
NSF Biosketch Template  
NSF Collaborators and Other Affiliations Template