About Us

About Us

OSP Staff Listing and Office Locations

Roles of OSP Staff

The Office of Sponsored Programs is the only agent authorized to submit proposals and to receive awards from external funding sources on behalf of researchers at Rowan University. The OSP is a comprehensive organization that offers the faculty the convenience of working with one unified office for both pre-award and post-award functions.  The OSP offers a broad array of services, including:


  • Review of proposal submission instructions or guidelines from funding agencies
  • Assistance with budget preparation and revisions
  • Supply of relevant proposal forms and university identification numbers
  • Assembly of proposal documents and relevant compliance checks 
  • Requests for time extensions
  • Submission of proposals (electronic or hard-copy)


  • Assistance in drafting sub-awards and other contractual agreements
  • Fund creation in Banner
  • Re-budgeting requests to sponsor
  • Assistance in documenting cost sharing and matching funds
  • Providing information on budget status upon request
  • Monthly invoicing upon receipt of fully executed awards/contracts
  • Submission of grants and contracts financial reports and fund close-out

OSP web pages provide information for the following:

  • Pre-award and post-award policies, procedures, and forms
  • Current Facilities and Administration (F&A) rates, fringe benefit rates and course buyout rates
  • Sponsored programs activity reports

OSP’s goal is to enable researchers to focus on research by providing them with the administrative and management support needed to obtain and manage externally funded programs in a friendly, professional, competent, and efficient manner.