Guidelines for Visiting Professors & Researchers

Guidelines for Visiting Professors & Researchers



NOTE: Per the Rowan University International Center, the process for inviting a J-1 exchange scholar should begin at least four (4) months prior to the proposed start date to ensure ample time for HR and visa processing.

  1. Regardless of whether Rowan is sponsoring the visa, the faculty member inviting a foreign national visiting Scholar will inform the Associate Dean (AD) in the respective college or Associate Deans for Research at RowanSOM or CMSRU, respectively about the impending visit. Information should include the name of the Scholar, country of origin, their previous or current employer information, and a brief description of the reason for their visit and (if applicable) their proposed project.
  2. Faculty sponsors then should follow the additional steps on "How to sponsor an exchange visitor" at Rowan University provided in the following link: International Center website and in Attachment B of this policy.
  3. Concurrent with International Center processing, the AD will provide the detailed information about the visiting Scholar (from step 1) to the Export Control Officer (ECO).
  4. Concurrent with International Center processing, ECO will conduct Restricted Party Screening and inform AD either "go" or "no go "to draft an invitation.
  5. After a "go" decision is received from the ECO, the faculty sponsor will be informed by the AD that a letter of invitation can be extended.
  6. "Export Control and Acknowledgement for All Foreign Nationals and Visiting Scientists""Export Control Form", and "Volunteer Registration & Liability Waiver and Release" forms may be forwarded to the visiting scholar, but do not need to be completed until after arrival (Step 6).
  7. When the visiting Scholar arrives at Rowan University (after obtaining the visa and complying with all of the International Center policies)
    1. The visiting scholar will sign "Export Control and Acknowledgement for All Foreign Nationals and Visiting Scientists" attesting that he or she has been fully informed about the export control program at Rowan University. This form will be counter signed appropriate college AD or RowanSOM Associate Dean for Research or CMSRU Associate Dean for Research if RowanSOM or CMSRU is hosting a visiting scholar, respectively.
    2. The visiting scholar and the host will complete the "Export Control Form" and make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting with the ECO.
    3. If the visiting scholar is providing any work or services while at Rowan University, the visiting scholar and host will complete and sign the "Volunteer Registration & Liability Waiver and Release" form. This form will be counter signed by the appropriate college official and forwarded to HR.
  8. If the Visiting Scholar visits other cities or non-Rowan University academic institutions or attends a conference in the U.S. for professional reasons, the Visiting Scholar must provide an itinerary to the AD and to the International Center.
  9. In accordance with Rowan University's Export Control Program, the college or department where the Visiting Scholar is hosted will not allow access by foreign nationals or foreign Visiting Scholar to export-controlled information and technology without first obtaining an export license, other authorization, or exemption.
  10. Respective College Deans or ADs, will be responsible for approving and coordinating access to restricted facilities and equipment. Deans and ADs will also ensure that adequate controls of physical, visual, and electronic access to export-controlled information and technology are developed, which may include unique badging requirements for foreign nationals and segregated work areas for export-controlled information and technology. Deans or ADs are required to immediately report any breach or violation or suspected or potential breach or violation of Rowan University's Export Control Program to the ECO.
  11. All issues relating to Export Control must be communicated to the ECO at the following address:

Sreekant Murthy, Ph.D. 
South Jersey Tech Park, Suite 103
107 Gilbreth Parkway
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062
Telephone: 856-256-5853