eIRB Submissions

Electronic IRB Submission

Please note all submissions for RowanSOM must be submitted electronically via eIRB

Instructions and eIRB submission Manuals can be found here

Handwritten forms will not be accepted when submitting eIRB applications

The forms and applications on this page cannot be filled out properly from your web browser. In order to successfully fill out the forms on this page, you must first save them to your computer.

Latest IRB Form Updates:

6/18/2018: Newly updated forms include Medical Adult Consent, Medical Parent/Guardian Consent, Surrogate Consent, Adult Social/Behavioral Consent, and Pedagogy Permission forms. 

Remember to download IRB forms from our website everytime you need to send us a new submission. The IRB may reject forms 30 or more days older than the current version on our website; this will delay your submission.

Initial Submissions (Protocol Document, Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form)

Continuing Reviews, Progress Reports, & Final Reviews (Close Outs)


Consent Form Templates

University Performance Sites

Pedagogy & Methodological Activities


Preparatory to Research