Resources for Faculty Members

Resources for Faculty Members

Resources for Faculty Members


Pivot Funding Database

ORD invests in the success of Rowan faculty members most directly in identifying, screening, and presenting funding prospects for faculty research projects. The most important first step for any faculty member interested in advancing their research is to sign up for an account on Pivot. Pivot is an easily-searchable database of roughly over $68 billion in funding opportunities from federal, state, local, and corporate sponsors. The database allows faculty members to export search results, bookmark promising prospects, and set up daily/weekly emails offering the latest prospects tailored to specific research needs. If you need assistance signing up for an account, please visit the Pivot database funding page or send an email to John Manuel at to set up a brief tutorial.

Rowan University's Statistical Consulting Group

Get expert, low-cost support from the Rowan Statistical Consulting Group (SCG). The benefits of working with our faculty statisticians include:

  • Lowering study costs by optimizing statistical methodology aligned with your research needs
  • Grant and future publication preparation support related to statistical methodology and analyses, including responses to reviewer comments - shown to improve funding outcomes! 
  • Peace of mind knowing that your study used appropriate and effective statistical analyses
  • Getting an additional portion of indirect costs returned to you, when you include a Rowan SCG statistician in your grant!

SCG faculty have expertise in a variety of fields and approaches. Examples include:

  • Biostatistics: study design, data cleaning, and statistical analyses such as t-test, ANOVA, chi-square, regressions, survival analysis, modeling, multivariate analysis, meta-analysis, propensity-score matching
  • Data Mining/Deep Learning/Machine Learning: dimensionality reduction, classification, clustering, decision trees, neural networks
  • Platforms: SAS, R, Python, JMP, SPSS

We have experience working with a variety of clients and projects including but not limited to academic institutions, hospital and health care systems, and non-profit organizations.

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Proposal Narrative Editing Services

A well-argued, well-reasoned proposal or application is essential for any faculty members aspiring for external funding. In order to achieve the result of a superior written product, the office offers its professional expertise in persuasively merging scholarship with salesmanship. Upon request, OPD rigorously reviews proposal narratives for composition, clarity, and readability for all interested faculty members. Please send an email to John Manuel at to have ORD take a look at your writing. ORD asks that faculty members send narratives as early as possible in the proposal writing process, so as to receive feedback in a timely manner.

Institutional-Level Template Language

Given that many proposals and applications for external funding require language pertaining to institutional capacity and past perfomance, ORD is developing a repository for template language. During your initial consultation, ORD staff will help you identify sections in the proposal narrative that require this information. If you need assistance in crafting this language, please send an email to John Manuel at

Build your Research Portfolio with ORCID

ORCIDs (Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifiers) are useful to all who participate in research, scholarship, and innovation. An ORCID helps to uniquely identify and connect researchers to their contributions and affiliations across time, disciplines, and borders.

Rowan University is a member of the ORCID-US Consortium, which enables Rowan-based researchers to connect their Rowan identity to their ORCID account. Learn more about setting up your ORCID account here.