Investigator Financial and Other Personal Interest Form

Investigator Financial and Other Personal Interest Form

Investigator Financial and Other Personal Interest Form

When completing the form below, please make sure that you provide an explanation of the significant financial interest in Form B if applicable. Feel free to also attach a brief explanation of any financial interest reported as it relates to the project and the investigator's institutional responsibilities.

The Investigator Financial and Other Personal Interest form must be completed for any grant or sponsored project whose funding agency (sponsor) is NSF or PHS/DHHS agency. This form is required to be completed and signed by all personnel listed on IRB protocols submitted using our eIRB submission system. 

Investigator Financial and Other Personal Interest Form

Investigator Financial and Other Personal Interest Form Process

Using Adobe Digital Signature to collect signatures electronically

This form will allow any Rowan based individuals or anyone with access to Adobe Acrobat Pro with the Adobe Sign plugin to digitally sign this form. Detailed instructions for Rowan users via the Citirix can be found below: 

1) Choose the Fill & Sign tool from the Adobe Sign dashboard and open the document you need to sign.
2) Click the Sign/Sign & Fill tool, then Add Digital Signature. Please note that digital signatures must be enabled by your Adobe Sign administrator.
3) Select cloud-based digital ID certificate, then click Apply.
4) Select the name of your digital ID certificate provider, or click the link to get a new digital ID.
5) Follow the prompts to obtain and affix your digital certificate.
6) Select Click to Sign, then enter your PIN, plus additional verification if required, such as a one-time passcode.
7) Once you successfully sign the form digitally, be sure to email on the next individual that needs to sign the form. 

Please note this process is linear in nature and requires the form to be signed by one person at a time and then emailed to the next individual. We suggest that the PI or other designee acts as the manager of this process to control who the form is sent to and in what order. 

Please also note it is advisable to complete all digital signatures prior to printing out the PDF to have any individuals sign the form physically. This individuals may include people outside of Rowan who do not have access the the Citrix system. 

Questions about using Citrix? Please feel free to reach out to Rowan IRT. You can find detailed information on Citrix Here

PHS/PHS Operational Agency Financial Conflict of Interest

SFI Pocket Guide

Public Health Services revised the existing Financial Conflict of Interest Regulation, Promoting Objectivity in Research, which took effect on August 24, 2012. Any institution receiving Public Health Service (PHS) funds from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other PHS operational agencies or funds from the National Science Foundation (NSF) must be able to demonstrate greater transparency and accountability regarding financial conflict of interest management and reporting. The revised regulations focus solely on PHS and PHS Operational Agencies, and when the purpose of the funding is research.

The revised regulations require that all investigators submitting proposals to PHS and its operational agencies receive training in Financial Conflicts of Interest, which will be administered using the CITI website training program, and submit Significant Financial Interests to the Office of Sponsored Programs prior to spending any amount of awarded funds. Rowan University, through its Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC), formerly known as Disclosure Review Committee, must review all Significant Financial Interests submitted by investigators to determine whether a Financial Conflict of Interest exists prior to expenditure of awarded funds. If a Financial Conflict of Interest does exist, a Management Plan may be put into place, and the conflict is subject to be made available to the public upon request.

Please note COI training is mandatory for all sponsored NIH and NSF projects at the time when the proposal is submitted to those respective agencies.  Whenever personnel changes are made/requested, prior to the request, the employee, student and staff if they are engaged in the NIH /NSF project must complete the training prior to distributing salaries, stipends and wages.