Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is the single source for information and for administration of all research and/creative activity proposals and contracts on campus.  Any proposed project, whether submitted to the government, foundation, or corporate funding source, must have institutional approvals and reviewed by your OSP Proposal Specialist prior to submission. This includes projects where Rowan will be a subaward to another institution.

OSP/Division of Research Policies

Conflict of Interest Policy
Costing Policy
Cost Share Policy
Cost Transfer Policy 
Federal Drawdown Policy 
Grants Disbursed by the Environmental Protection Agency 
Indirect Distribution Policy
Internal Deadline for Proposals
Principal Investigator Guidelines and Eligibility 
Record Retention Policy
Research Administration 
Subrecipient Monitoring 

OSP/Division of Research Procedures

Other University Policies and Procedures

Personnel and Hiring

AFT Local Agreement

Grant Accounting

Grant Accounting Forms
Travel Requests and Travel Policy
Cost Sharing - In-kind Match Examples

Information Technology Purchases from Grants

ITAP process

Institutional Data

List of Rowan Board of Trustees 
Rowan University Audited Financial Statements 

Rowan University Foundation / University Advancement 
Office of Analytics, Systems, & Applications
Undergraduate Tuition Rates and Fees
Graduate Tuition Rates and Fees