Institutional Rates

Institutional Rates

Institutional Rates

Institutional Data Sheet

Fringe Rate Agreement, State of New Jersey - FY20


  • 46.15% Full-time grant-funded faculty; departmental salary reimbursement
  • 7.65%  Current part-time/hourly staff; faculty course release; faculty & staff salary voucher; faculty summer salary
  • 0% Student Workers

F&A Rate Agreement - FY20-23 (current - DHHS)

Glassboro/Camden/SJTP Campuses

  • 50% on-campus
  • 26% off-campus

SOM and CMSRU Campuses

  • 61% on-campus (Research Projects)
  • 26% off-campus (Research Projects)
  • 63% on-campus (Instruction)
  • 26% off-campus (Instruction)
  • 37% on-campus (Other Sponsored Programs)
  • 26% off-campus (Other Sponsored Programs)

Tuition Rates

Undergradute - Bursar's website
Graduate - Rowan Global Learning & Partnerships website

Course Buyout

Course release, or “Course Buy-Out,” is charged at 12.5% (proportionate to three teaching credits) of the faculty member’s IBS  and must include associated FICA benefits and university overhead. Faculty are required to teach a minimum of one course per semester. 

Example: Dr. Jones makes $100k for teaching 4 courses per semester (24 credits per year). She is requesting a 3-credit release ONLY in fall (3 credits total), therefore her per-credit release rate is $100,000/24 = $4,166. To budget for a 3-credit release, she will multiply her per-credit rate by the 3; her total salary release cost is $12,498, or approximately 1/8 of salary. In addition, she will need to add 7.65% FICA, making her total request $13,454.

Hourly Employee Rates

Human Resources website

Calculating Person-Months

What is a person-month and how do I calculate it?

A “person month” is the metric for expressing the effort (amount of time) principal investigators (PIs), faculty and other senior personnel devote to a specific project. The effort is based on the type of appointment of the individual with the organization; e.g., calendar year (CY), academic year (AY), and/or summer term (SM); and the organization’s definition of such. For instance, some institutions define the academic year as a 9-month appointment while others define it as a 10-month appointment.

For more details and examples of how to calculate person-months, see NIH guidance. A percent to person-month calculator is also on the final tab of Rowan's budget template

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