CITI Training

CITI Training

CITI Training for Responsible Conduct of Research

On-line RCR training is available through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) - Web-based Training in Responsible Conduct of Research for Faculty and Students. CITI is a web-based program used by universities, other entities conducting research, and is periodically updated by veteran and experienced researchers and research administrators. The program can accommodate disabled individuals and is available in multiple languages.

RCR modules require a grade of 80% or higher. During the training, a user can stop halfway and log back on at a different time to complete the training. Existing modules completed will still be considered completed, even if the full training course is not completed at that time.

CITI Instructions for New Users/Create CITI Profile:

Step 1 - Go to the CITI webpage

Step 2 - Click on "register" in the Create new account box on the CITI webpage

Step 3 - In the box titled "Select Your Organization Affiliation" type in Rowan. Rowan University will appear in a box under the type. Click on Rowan University and then click on "Continue to Step 2"

Step 4 - Type in your First and Last Name. In the email box, input your Rowan University email address. Your secondary email address can be a personal email address, such as gmail or other email provider. Click on "Continue to Step 3" when completed.

Step 5 - Type in your Rowan University username (network username) or other username. Complete the sections for the password and security question. Click on "Continue to Step 4" when completed.

Step 6 - Complete the information for Country of Residence, Gender, Ethnicity and Race. Click on "Continue to Step 5" when completed.

Step 7 - Complete the information for Continuing Education Credits and Survey. Click on "Continue to Step 6" when completed.

Step 8 - Complete the information for Information Requested by Rowan University. Select the role that is most applicable to your purpose of creating a CITI account. Click on "Continue to Step 7" when completed.

Step 9 - Select the training to be completed. Users can select multiple training programs. For example, if you need to complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Human Subjects Research Protections then you would select both. RCR training is broken out depending on the type of work or expertise of individual. RCR training should be selected that is the speciality of the faculty/staff/student or related to the work scope. For example, if an Engineering student is conducting work on an NSF project then RCR for Engineers is most applicable. Click on "Continue" when completed.