Submitting Pedagogy & Methodology Activities

Rowan University Office of Research Compliance (ORC) recognizes its colleges and schools conduct cutting-edge pedagogical programs to maximize student engagement and to provide optimal learning environment for students in various disciplines. The ORC does not consider some classroom-based methodological and pedagogical activities to fall under the Common Rule definition of research i.e., systematic investigation leading to generalizable knowledge. Classroom-based activities/studies often are not designed to develop generalizable knowledge. 

Pedagogy & Methodological Activities Policy

The ORC requests course directors to submit any pedagogical or methodological training activities that involve information collection from human subjects but with no intent to use information collected to contribute to generalizable knowledge. Submissions can be done via the Cayuse IRB system, similar to other studies. Though the review of Pedagogy & Methodological Activities will undergo only a limited review by the ORC, not the IRB. 

To submit this to the ORC via CIRB, please do the following: 

  • Log into Cayuse IRB
  • Select the "+ New Study" option from your CIRB dashboard
  • In Section 2, select Non-Human Subjects Research including Pedagogy/ Methodological 
  • CITI training is recommended 
  • Upload all requested documents in the Human Subjects Research Determination section. Documents include:
  •  Once the application is complete, click "Proceed" to complete submission