The Office of Technology Commercialization

Welcome to the Office of Technology Commercialization!

Innovation is the heart of Rowan Research, and every day Rowan faculty and students are developing new innovations in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, computing and engineering disciplines. The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) is responsible for aligning these innovations to respond to commercially unmet market needs. OTC works closely with faculty and industry to bridge the gap between the lab and the market place by strategically managing and developing Rowan's Intellectual Property Portfolio, increasing external awareness for Rowan innovations and educating faculty on the significance of developing commercially relevant research for licensing and start-up opportunities. Rowan University recognizes the significance of industry collaboration and the OTC is dedicated to developing industry partnerships.

VISION: To foster and create a culture/environment of innovation at Rowan University, while being a high quality value-adding and service-centric resource for “Advancing Rowan’s Intellectual Footprint"

MISSION: The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) at Rowan University manages, protects and licenses to industry, the intellectual property developed and created at Rowan, while serving faculty, staff and students in all aspects of intellectual property. More, specifically, OTC:
  • protects Rowan's intellectual property (IP)
  • markets and licenses university technologies
  • negotiates materials transfer, confidentiality and license agreements
  • supports regional, state and national economic development
  • promotes new and existing industry and government relationships
  • consults with sponsored research on IP aspects of research contracts
  • ensures university compliance with federal regulations related to IP
  • educates the university community regarding IP and tech-transfer process