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Introduction to CITI Training

Rowan University is part of the CITI program along with nearly 1,200 other organizations around the world. CITI training content is extensively reviewed and critiqued by many experts and academic institutions and found to be one of the most appropriate training sites for human research subject protections. CITI training is an effective method in administering training for all research compliance requirements. It brings consistency, reviews and edits by experts in the field, allows for continued training, and accommodates researchers who already have completed CITI training or are affiliated with other institutions. In some instances, Rowan University may require additional CITI training pertaining to affiliated researchers and collaborators.

Initial CITI Registration Instructions

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Click on "register" in the Create new account box on the CITI webpage

Step 3 - In the box titled "Select Your Organization Affiliation" type in Rowan. Rowan University will appear in a box under the type. Click on Rowan University and then click on "Continue to Step 2"

Step 4 - Type in your First and Last Name. In the email box, input your Rowan University email address. Your secondary email address can be a personal email address, such as gmail or other email provider. Click on "Continue to Step 3" when completed.

Step 5 - Type in your Rowan NetID. Complete the sections for the password and security question. Click on "Continue to Step 4" when completed.

Step 6 - Complete the information for Country of Residence. Click on "Continue to Step 5" when completed.

Step 7 - Complete the information for Continuing Education Credits and Survey. Click on "Continue to Step 6" when completed.

Step 8 - Complete the information for Information Requested by Rowan University. Please make sure to include Banner ID number (if outside Rowan users do not have Banner ID please enter another ID from your home institution preceded by the letter A e.g "A123456") Select the role that is most applicable to your purpose of creating a CITI account. Click on "Continue to Step 7" when completed.

Step 9 - Select the training to be completed. Users can select multiple training programs. For example, if you need to complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Human Subjects Research Protections then you would select both. Click on "Continue" when all required courses have been selected.

CITI Listings of Required courses:

Human Subjects Research (IRB): 

  • Human Subjects Protection
    • Non-clinical: Group 3 Social, Behavioral, Education Research
    • Clinical: Group 2 Biomedical and Basic Research

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR):

  • Responsible Conduct of Research
    • Select subject specific training best suited to your research: Biomedical, Social, Physical Science, Humanities, Engineers, Administrators, Fogarthy Global Infectious Disease (GID) Fellowship

Animal Research (IACUC):

  • Animal Care and Use
    • For researchers: Researchers plus Species Specific Training 
    • For students: Students working with Animals plus Species Specific Training
    • For Animal Technicians: Animal Technician plus all Species Specific Trainings for all species care will be given
    • IACUC Members/staff: IACUC Members and IACUC Staff
    • Species specific Trainings include: Fish, Frogs/Toads/Amphibians, Mice, Rats, Zebrafish, & Swine

Chemical Training/ Laboratory Safety Courses (IBC):

  • Laboratory Safety Courses
    • All Research staff: General Laboratory Safety Training
    • All Biology Research staff: General Biological Laboratory Research
    • All staff working with rDNA or sDAN: rDNA and sDNA Laboratory Research
    • All working with Human samples: Hazardous Biological Materials and Human Samples Laboratory Research
    • All shipping/transporting biological materials: Shipping and Transporting Biological Materials
    • IBC Members: IBC Members

Conflict of Interest:

  • Conflicts of Interest

Export Control: 

  • Export Controls
    • Group 1: Export Controls - Researchers
    • Group 2: Export Controls - International Travel Only
    • Group 3: Export Controls - Administrators

Completing CITI Courses

1. Go to and logon with your username and password.

2. Return to the Main Menu and click on the title of the CITI training located in the column labeled ‘Course’. The column labeled ‘Status’ will appear as ‘not started’ or ' incomplete - Re-enter'. Click on this link to gain access to the required modules and associated quizzes.

a. Each module of the required Basic Course takes approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete. You may log in as many times as necessary; however, you may only print a ‘Completion Report’ after all required modules / quizzes are completed.

b. The minimum passing aggregate score is 80%. A running tally is automatically compiled for you by the CITI system.

c. The average time to complete most research compliance trainings are roughly 3 to 4 hours. However, those times may vary depending on additional modules required to be completed and/or an investigator/researcher prior knowledge of human subject research protections.

Note: The Course status options are listed below:

  • Not started - Enter
  • Incomplete - Re-enter (at least one required module is complete) or
  • Passed - completion date (All required modules are complete) Follow the link to "Print" a Completion Report.

CITI Completed at other institution

If you have taken the CITI education at another institution within the last three (3) years, you may not need to repeat the Basic Courses at this time; however, Rowan University needs to verify that the CITI modules you have completed meet the Rowan University human subjects protection education requirement.

To do this, you must update your affiliation in CITI to include Rowan University.

1. Go to and logon with your username and password.

2. Return to the main learner menu and select 'Affiliate with another institution'. You then should complete a Rowan University information screen. Upon being able to or directed to identify the training required, please go to the appropriate curriculum and select the training that is most appropriate to your activity and research role. For example, incoming faculty may be transferring their existing award from NIH, and NIH award terms and conditions requires RCR, COI, and IRB training related to project award or contract conditions and terms. The incoming faculty should select Rowan's RCR, COI, and IRB training, and if Rowan's modules is the same in the RCR, COI, and IRB of the incoming faculty's previous institutions CITI training, then the incoming faculty's Rowan modules for RCR, COI, and IRB will identify the modules as completed.

You must return to the ‘Learner’s Menu’ to determine whether you have completed the Basic Course modules required by Rowan University. The column labeled ‘Status’ will appear as either ‘ Incomplete - Re-enter’ or ‘Passed - completion date’. Click on the re-enter link to gain access to any outstanding modules needed to complete Rowan University’s specific education requirement.

If your ‘status’ appears as Passed - completion date, this means there are no additional modules you need to take at this time; simply print a completion report.