Education & CITI Training

Education & CITI Training

Education and CITI Training

School of Osteopathic Medicine, Rowan-Virtua College of Medicine and Life Sciences Faculty Development: Research at RV-SOM

The Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine (RV-SOM) Health Sciences Library offers guidance and videos related to conducting research at RV-SOM. The website may assist RV-SOM researchers and Principal Investigators when planning a human subjects research project. Information on the website includes, but is not limited to, research poster presentations, research conducted in a clinical settings, and links to research tools - for example, qualtrics for surveys, and SPSS for statistical analysis. 

Faculty Development - Rowan-Virtua SOM: Research at RV-SOM Website


Introduction to CITI Training

The CITI program and course modules is peer-reviewed and authored by experts and experienced researchers and administrators. CITI is one of the most appropriate web-based training platforms for human research subject protections. CITI accommodates researchers who already have completed CITI training at another insitution or are affiliated with other institutions. In some instances, Rowan University may require additional CITI training pertaining to affiliated researchers and collaborators who are identified in an IRB application and who will conduct human subjects research at Rowan University.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Website


Training Requirements

Investigators and key personnel at Rowan University who participate in the design, conduct, and/or reporting of research conducted on humans (including exempt categories of research) and all IRB members and IRB staff must be appropriately trained in the protections of human subjects. Continuing education and training is required every three (3) years for those who are continuously engaged in conducting research using human subjects. 

IRB approval of any human subjects research study is contingent upon completing CITI human subjects training. IRBs have the authority to withhold approval or suspend a study until human subjects protections training requirements are met. Non-Rowan employees who have completed training at another institution can affiliate their CITI account with Rowan University; thereby obtaining credit for all or most Rowan CITI IRB course modules. Instructions for non-Rowan investigators to affiliate with Rowan CITI training is provided on the CITI IRB website. Individuals not engaged in human subject research as defined in our policies and procedures are not required to take CITI training.

Detailed CITI training instructions


CITI Human Subjects Research Training by Learner Groups

Learner Group 1:

IRB Chairs, Members and Administrators complete training in Learner Group 1. Any IRB Chair is required to complete both the IRB Chair and IRB Member and Administrator training. Investigators and researchers cannot take Learner Group 1 training, and it will not be accepted as adequate training related to an IRB application submitted for review. CITI Learner Group 1 training titles are:

  • Group 1: IRB Chair, Members, and Administrators - IRB Chair
  • Group 1: IRB Chair, Members, and Administrators - IRB Member and Administrator Training

Learner Group 2:

This group is applicable to researchers conducting biomedical and/or medical/clinical research at Rowan University. If the investigator or researcher is conducting clinical trials or they are members of a clinical trial study team, they are required to complete the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Courses. CITI Learner Group 2 training titles are:

  • Group 2: Biomedical and Basic Research - Biomedical and Basic
  • Group 2: Biomedical and Basic Research - Biomedical Data and Specimens Only Research

Clinical trial additional courses that may apply:

  • Good Clinical Practice Course (US FDA Focus Required for those conducting clinical trials)
  • GCP Course for Clinical Trials Involving Investigational Medical Devices ( Optional International focus)
  • GCP Course for Clinical Trials Involving Investigational Drugs (Optional ICH focus)

HIPAA and Medical Research Training

Rowan University has prepared a training module entitled “HIPAA and Medical Research” for investigators, research staff and research coordinators to understand how HIPAA regulations affect research. This training module is in addition to the basic HIPAA training provided by Rowan University for physicians and other healthcare staff to remain in compliance with HIPAA Privacy Rule. Please go to this webpage to review HIPAA and Medical Research Information and Training - HIPAA and Medical Research

Learner Group 3:

This group is applicable to researchers conducting Social, Behavioral and Educational human subjects research at Rowan University. If an investigator or researcher is working with protected health information originating from any part of RowanSOM, they must complete HIPAA training. If an investigator or researcher is NOT working with protected health information, then they are NOT required to complete HIPAA training. CITI Learner Group 3 training titles are:

  • Group 3: Social, Behavioral and Education Research

Cayuse IRB Note: CIRB will synchronize your completion records with CITI. The criteria for synchronization is a matching email address, which is your Rowan University email account. You should always use in Cayuse IRB and CITI, your Rowan University email account as the primary email account. CITI allows you to add a secondary email.

Updates: Good Clinical Practices for Clinical Trails

Good Clinical Practices (GCP) Training - This training applies to NIH-funded investigators and clinical trial site staff who are responsible for the conduct, management and oversight of NIH-funded clinical trials. Notice