international travel checklist

international travel checklist

Required Export Control Forms & Checklists

Export Control Restricted Party Screening

Persons / Entities who are identified on a denied/excluded party list will be investigated to ensure the result is a true match. Even a true match may not mean that no University business can be conducted with such persons. Specific license requirements, terms and conditions, or other factors may apply. The University will conduct detailed due diligence to ensure full compliance with restrictions for the parties on these lists, under the authority of:

  • Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Sanctions
  • Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Denied Persons List
  • Department of Commerce BIS Entity List and Unverified List
  • Department of State Arms Export Control Act Debarred Parties
  • Department of State Designated Terrorist Organizations
  • Department of State Nonproliferation Orders

Visiting Scholar or Researcher and Foreign National Faculty

All Visiting Scholars, Professors, or Researchers from foreign countries (including all individuals granted a J-1 or any other Visa) must undergo required Restricted Party Screening prior to start at Rowan University. The visiting scholar/researcher and their sponsor must fill out and return the required Visiting Scholar/Researcher Information and Export Control Form found below. 

Visiting Scholar/Researcher Information and Export Control Form

Detailed Rowan Policy and Guidelines for visiting Foreign Nationals can be found here 

Export Control Acknowledgement For All Foreign Nationals and Visiting Scientists - Can be used for visiting scholars/researchers and foreign national faculty.

Export Controls Checklists

Checklists below must be used when proposing research and submitting a proposal to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Export Control Checklist - Cayuse System Proposal Submission 

Checklist to be completed by the Investigator when the grant/contract contains Export Control items. CITI Export Control Training is mandatory when form is used.  

International Travel Checklist

Checklist to be completed for any faculty, staff, and graduate students planning international travel where Rowan University or a funding agency is paying for any part of the trip or if anyone is taking University-owned equipment. Must be completed within 5 business days of book air travel.

Please contact Priscilla Lyons in the Office of Research Compliance regarding ORC/DUR export controls review, approval and signature on international travel checklists. 

EAR99 Exemption Checklist

Checklist to be completed when shipping any materials from Rowan University to other countries to determine if materials fit exemption from EAR regulations or require a licence. To be filled out in conjunction with ECO. 

Technology Control Plan

Plans to ensure compliance with all Export Control regulations in regards to technology (computers, tablets, phones, any electronic devices/equipment etc.) 

Technology Control Plan Template