Institute for Cannabis Research

Institute for Cannabis Research

The Rowan University Institute for Cannabis Research, Policy, & Workforce Development (RPWD) is a multi-disciplinary institute that provides expertise and guidance for policymakers, health care professionals, pharmaceutical industries, government agencies, and businesses as it relates to the legalization of cannabis. See below our three cannabis-focused Centers as all as curricular offerings in areas of Cannabinoid Chemistry, Cannabis Commercialization, Socio-behavioral Impacts and Enforcement of Cannabis Policies, as well as a Cannabis Apprenticeship program.

Center for Cannabinoid Science & Therapeutics

Our research laboratories are equipped with advanced instrumentation required to study the chemical composition of the hundreds of cannabinoid molecules associated with cannabis.

Center for Cannabis Workforce Development

In all areas of focus, outreach and education are an integral part of the mission. Through our curriculum and extracurricular programs, our students are able to obtain credentials and experience to enhance the workforce of New Jersey in cannabis-related industries. 

Socio-Behavioral, Security & Law Enforcement Cannabis Center

The faculty associated with the institute are available to assist government and public policy officials in navigating the changing legal landscape of cannabis regulation through research, policy analysis, legislative reviews, and law enforcement audits.