Cannabis Workforce Development Contacts

  • Center for Cannabis Workforce Development 

Cannabis Workforce Development Contacts

Mission Statement - Center for Cannabis Workforce Development

In all areas of focus, industry outreach and education are an integral part of the mission of Rowan University’s Center for Cannabis Workforce Development. Through our curriculum and extracurricular programs, our students are able to obtain credentials and experience to enhance the workforce of New Jersey in cannabis-related industries.

Chemistry/Biochemistry Programs - Cannabinoid Chemistry

Cannabinoids are a major class of pharmacologically active molecules found in cannabis, commonly known as marijuana. With increased nationwide trends toward legalization and prescription of medical marijuana, development of cannabis related therapies, and legalization of recreational marijuana (including in the State of NJ), there is a pressing need for scientists trained in the analysis of cannabinoid containing materials.

Graduate Business Programs - Cannabis Commercialization

The rapidly evolving cannabis industry is anticipated to become a multi-billion dollar economic driver across the USA – and beyond. Career opportunities related to cannabis are vast, and cross-over talent is in high demand. Plant-touching verticals such as cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and/or retail need experts from other industries to adapt, extend, and expand best practices into the highly regulated cannabis market.

School of Professional Studies Programs - Cannabis Studies

Rowan University’s School of Professional Studies (SPS) is offering two Certificate Programs for learners wishing to gain a better understanding of the socio-behavioral, and legal impact and enforcement of medical and recreational cannabis. The certificates are in both undergraduate and graduate programs and they serve learners seeking careers in the Cannabis industry, cultivation, customer services, education/guidance, compliance, and legal and social regulations.